Business and Individual Tax Preparation

Ghion Tax offers its clients long office hours to better serve their needs and to provide flexible schedules.

Our small size allows individualized attention to clients, reducing errors and maximizing the quality of service offered clients.

The diversity of our staff allows a more customized service to our clients, making it easier for clients to relate and communicate easier.

Ghion is managed by an Experienced Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and experienced Tax Accountants.

Accounting and Business Consulting

We specialize in Accounting, Payroll & Tax services for small & mid-size companies.

All staff Accountants are with more than 10 years of Accounting and Tax experiences.

We analyze the business in its entirety to ascertain the workflow processes to streamline the flow of information and paper; thereby, instituting a bookkeeping and accounting process that easily facilitates growth. Allowing out clients to gain control of books and have access to timely and accurate financial information that will aid in making better business decisions.

The General Overview

We install a system, individually designed and programmed for your business.

We install a system, individually designed and programmed for your business. We will furnish all the supplies you need for the accounting services. We will show you what we need, it will take you only a few minutes each day. All your bookkeeping is done on powerful, modern computers under detail expert supervision. Consulting services, as to your business and operations are available at any time.

Each month you will recieve:

  • Current month, and year to date computerized profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Detailed monthly sales, purchases, expense and payroll ledgers
  • Monthly or quarterly payroll returns (State and Federal)
  • Monthly or quarterly sales tax returns
  • Check register, listing account distributions, dates, and amounts of all checks written.
  • Complete general ledger detailing all business transactions
  • Credit card charge/payment reconciliation
  • Bank reconciliations

Monthly/Quarterly Bookkeeping Procedure

Gather the following statements as they arrive:
  • Bank statements Copy of your check register for each account
  • Credit card statements Company Personal used to pay company expenses
  • Loan statements
  • Merchant Statements
  • Receipts for CASH purchases
  • IRS and State Department of Revenue Letters or Notices

If you use QuickBooks, please also include a back-up of your company file. By the 12th of the month, please bring or mail all documents to Ghion Financial. Your previous monthly financial statements will be ready for you. Quarterly clients can expect their financial statements to be completed within four weeks