Why Ghion Financial?

Ghion Financial
can give you
the advantage.

We have the best tax saving strategies. we are prepared to deliver reliable, secure and personalized service to meet your needs.

Ghion Tax has successfully operated as a local business giving tax and accounting-related services to clients in the D.C. metropolitan area.

Here's how we stand out:

Lower Operational Cost

Conventional tax service agencies charge their clients a lot of money for their service. This is because the operational costs of such service agencies force them to charge higher prices. Ghion Tax has a competitive advantage when it comes to service price because its smaller size allows it to significantly reduce its operational costs and therefore have more flexibility in its price rates.

Reasonable Prices

Conventional tax service agencies charge even higher for bank product services such as instant refunds. Ghion Tax charges a reasonable price for bank product services, allowing clients to get their refunds quickly without a high price tag.

Individualized Attention

Conventional tax service agencies are too big and too busy to provide individualized attention to clients. Ghion Tax provides each client with individualized attention to make sure those tax returns are completed accurately and that the needs of each client are met appropriately.

Flexible Hours

Conventional tax service agencies do not operate outside of normal business hours. Ghion Tax agents are available until 10PM during the regular tax season to allow flexible schedule for clients.

No Additional Costs

Conventional tax service agencies have additional charges if clients need follow-up services such as responding to IRS inquiries, etc. Ghion Tax guarantees follow-up services to each client at no additional cost.

We're Growing

Over the past five tax seasons, Ghion Tax has observed significant growth in the number of clients served and total revenue generated.

Quality of Service

Our small size allows individualized attention to clients, reducing errors and maximizing the quality of service offered clients.


The diversity of our staff allows a more customized service to our clients, making it easier for clients to relate and communicate easier.